Wavefront Sensor

Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor

Aspheric lenses are of increasing importance in today’s optical industry. In a multitude of different areas of application single aspheric lenses are used to build compact imaging systems.

All of these have to be checked not only for the imaging properties of the final lens system but also for the quality of the intermediate products during assembly as well as the single lenses itself.

In most of the cases conventional methods cannot be used for this kind of testing. Although e.g. the measurement of the modulation transfer function is a well established method for fast and accurate quality inspection of entire objectives it has its limitation for non imaging systems.

In contrast to this, Shack-Hartmann sensors are able to measure a very broad range of spherical and aspherical lenses as well as partially or fully assembled objectives due to their large dynamic range. In addition the high measurement frequency allows for real time testing and analysis.

For questions about wavefront sensing please contact Dr. Iris Erichsen at TRIOPTICS. wavefrontmeasurement@trioptics.comcom